Prayers for Ruth Levai/Lildra Rowland passes/WheelChair Available/UCCYG Adventure night coming

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Where We Are One:
The New Reality of the Kingdom of God – The Adversarial Kingdom

This week’s message by Eric Wilson will be from the text of Matt 12:22-29.

Prayers for Ruth Levai
Our hearts go out to the Dowdeys, as their daughter, Ruth, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor about 2 cm in her right frontal lobe. They are requesting prayers for a successful operation with no subsequent complications.  They are meeting a surgeon on Monday that they are hopeful will perform the surgery. Our prayers and love are with you.

Lildra Rowland Passes
Our hearts are saddened at the news that Lildra Rowland passed away on September 29. Lildra and Rick Rowland were members of UCC years ago and responsible for beginning the Campus Ministry here. They have been extremely committed to the ministry of college age students all across the nation and have been the foundation of many ministries. Our hearts go out to the family in the passing of dear Lildra.

Gluten Free Communion Bread Options
You will notice that our communion trays will have two types of bread in them soon. The gluten free wafers will be separated, and in a little cupcake holder in the plate. Please give us your feedback as we strive to make our communion time inclusive of everyone.

Wheel Chair Available Each Week
Please let us know if you are in need, or if you know of someone in need, of help in getting from the main parking lot down to where Elkins is located on Sunday mornings. We have a wheelchair and volunteers who are happy to assist in getting people safely to worship.

Women’s and Men’s Ministry Surveys
Steve and Diana Maiorca would love feedback regarding their ministries. Please take a couple of minutes to fill out the following:


Your feedback is appreciated!

UCC House Church
UCC House Church continues to be a welcoming space for students, faculty, and staff. Last week, after fellowship and delicious bbq, several shared their praise and gratitude testimonies relating to the school year. God is good and there is much to be grateful for!
Shuttles run from Rho at 5:45pm and dinner is at 6:00pm. We are meeting at the home of Gary and Tracey Hanson on Tiner Court. All are welcome!

Life Groups
Interested in knowing more about hosting, leading or being in a life group? check it out here:

UCCYG Raising Funds for Manna through BURPEES!!
In order to prepare physically for the upcoming trip to Mount Baldy, the youth group is doing training on specific Sundays (September 22, 29, October 6, 13, 27, November 3). The students will be keeping track of how many burpees they do during this time frame and will be asking our church members to sponsor them. The money raised will go toward the Manna Food Bank. Contact Dusty or a youth group member to find out how to support them!

Adult Bible Classes
The class entitled “Resurrection of the body from the Biblical perspective” meets in AC 290.
This week’s lesson is titled “How Treatment of the Dead Reflects our Beliefs”
David Dowdey is facilitating for the month of September, then John Wilson will teach the remainder of the semester.

The class entitled “Life Together” meets in AC 270 with Regan and Robby Schaffer coordinating.
The primary focus of this class is to build community with families and members as they experience various life stages and phases. The class centers around fellowship, sharing and prayer. Come for snacks at 9:00 and class begins at 9:15 (to allow time for families dropping off kids to class). All ages and stages welcome!

Joel’s Monthly Newsletter Visit this link to sign up for Joel Foster’s monthly newsletter and receive updates while he is in Japan!

Disaster Response Team
Feeling helpless in the wake of natural disasters across our nation and the world? A place to begin to help may be the Churches of Christ Disaster Response Team , an organization that supports the local churches in the midst of crisis and disaster. Find more information at :

Prayer Request Form
Our prayer servant leaders (Kari and Kathryn) are inviting us to be more personal with our needs for prayers. Here is a form if you would like to communicate any requests or praises to them, to the elders, and/or to the congregation.

Upcoming Events
-October 6: Young Adult lunch
-October 12: UCCYG Adventure Night
-October 13: Senior Ministry lunch
-October 20: Sunday morning worship at the BEACH
-November 3: Harvest party at the Warwars
-November 9-10: UCCYG conquer Mount Baldy

-Discernment for the next steps for our church family.
-The Rolands, for the passing of Lildra.
-Keith Whitney, former member, recovering from surgery.
-Ruth Levai, for a successful surgery.
-Paul Jones, for the passing of his father.
Dillard Harwell, father of Regan Schaffer, is experiencing un-diagnosed extreme pain. Prayers for a diagnosis and relief from the ongoing pain, and prayers for Jolene, Regan’s mom, as she cares for him.
Bernice Evans James, Bernie’s mother, continues to need our prayers.
Taylor Lowe, recovering from treatments, and for Dennis and Emily as they care for him.
Phyllis Kreiner, mother of Leslie Kreiner, recovers at home. She is still using a walker and wheelchair. She needs prayers of encouragement.
Stan Yin, Lydia Folkert’s father, undergoing cardiac rehab, continues to get stronger as he recovers from open heart surgery.
Walter Glass, recovering well from a mild stroke.
Rob Terrell received difficult new this last week and will be beginning another treatment regimen soon. Prayers for strength, encouragement and healing.
Peter Thompson, PRAISE for continued good reports and healing.
Sammy Maiorca, Steve’s father,
Tom McGinley, Patty Atkisson’s brother & Diana Maiorca’s stepdad.
-Missionaries: Joseph Dzamesi (Ghana), Igor Egirev (Russia); and the mission organizations we support: Let’s Start Talking (worldwide), Made in the Streets (Kenya), and Predisan (Honduras).

Miss a Week at UCC?
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Go to:

Attendance & Contribution
Attendance (Sept 29): 190
Contribution (Sept 28-29): $4,387.00
Weekly Need: $7,903.85
Weekly Average (YTD): $7,597.45

Sunday Morning Bible Classes

Resurrection of the Body from the Biblical perspective AC 290
John Wilson teaching
Come join the ongoing textual study class as we seriously interact with the Word of God.

Life Together  AC 270
Regan and Robby Schaffer facilitating
The primary focus of this class is to build community with families and members as they experience various life stages and phases. We will let the class determine the topics but we will structure our time together around fellowship, sharing and prayer. Come for snacks at 9:00 and class will begin at 9:15 (to allow time for families dropping off kids to class). All ages and stages welcome!

– Youth group: meeting in the UCC Office
– Children’s classes:
* Cradle roll: (Plaza 191)
* Preschool: (Plaza 190)
* K-5th grades: (Plaza 189)

Servant Leaders
Please contact an individual leader if you are interested in serving on her or his respective team. If you need contact information, please email

Servant leaders related to our Sunday gatherings:
Acappella Music: Scott Reynolds
Adult Education: Dave Lemley & Robby Schaffer
Hospitality: Greg Warwar
Technology: Randy Coppinger
Worship Coordinator: Shannon Warwar

Servant leaders related to our family life:
Benevolence: Amy & Chris Doran; Katy & Peter Thompson
Finance: Paul Jones and Kate Warner
Life Together: Steve Rouse & Kanet Thomas
Men’s & Women’s: Steve and Diana Maiorca
Missions: Susan Giboney
Prayer: Kari Coppinger
Seniors: David Baird
Young Adults: Beverly Cawyer

Jay Brewster:
Steve Parmelee:

UCC Staff:
Dusty Breeding: Youth/Campus Ministry
Teller Emmer: Campus Ministry
Linn Griffin: BookKeeping/Administration
Corinne Le: Children’s Ministry
Linda Truschke: Associate Minister

UCC Contact Information / Social Media:
– Website:
– Blog:
– Email:
– Instagram: @UCCMalibu
– Facebook Page: University Church of Christ (Malibu)
– Phone Number: 310.506.4504