Feed the interns/Housing needed/senior trip/Crossways joining on July 28/

Senior Trip
Prayers for our graduated seniors, Garrett Le and Eric Truschke, as they travel to Montana with Dusty, Cecily, Joel, and Lee and Cindy Morgan (possibly) this week. Please pray that this adventure draws them deeper into the heart and life of God as they anticipate life after high school.

Message this week: Fresh Encounter with Forgiven-ness
by Eric Wilson.

Worship in Elkins on July 28
Crossways students will be joining us for worship on July 28, so our locations will be changed for that day. Youth class will be in Elkins auditorium with Jeff Walling facilitating. The adult class will be in PC 188 with Sara Barton teaching.

Feed the Interns!
A great way to get to know our youth group interns this summer is to invite them over for dinner! or lunch! They would love to share a meal with you. Contact jennifer.gash@pepperdine and matthew.b.weiss@pepperdine.edu to connect with them.

Tip of the week: The names/descriptors of God that were focused on in worship last week were in your e-bulletin! This week, Eric Wilson will also include sermon info there. These are things you can access all week. And, if you save the “event” you have access to it permanently.
Check out the ucc/malibu e-bulletin in your bible app!
This week’s ebulletin: https://www.bible.com/events/656522

Financial and Housing Need
Rob Terrel has not been able to work for an extended period of time because of his cancer treatments. He is looking for a room to rent, studio apartment, or other creative housing in the area option to begin in the fall. Do you know of someone who may be renting a space? Please contact the church office at (310) 506-4504. Also,please consider giving to his gofundme page HERE

Housing Need
Matthew Weiss, our Graduate Apprentice for Youth Ministry for this academic year, is looking for a room to rent for the year. Please contact him if you have any leads. He has good references! 😉 matthew.b.weiss@pepperdine.edu

Miss a Week at UCC?
Did you know you can listen to the sermon on the UCC podcast?
Go to: https://uccmalibu.podbean.com

Superb Summer Saturdays of Service
UCCYG – Start saving the date now for each Saturday morning this summer. We’ll be diving into serving others within the Malibu and LA community.
Over the next few weeks they will be supporting “For the Troops” and may be asking for your help in gathering these supplies: https://www.forthetroops.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Troops-Wish-List.pdf
Email dusty.breeding@pepperdine.edu for more information.

We celebrate with Joel Foster and Claire Hutchinson on their engagement!

Discernment for the next steps for our church family.
Carolyn Nicks, continuing to recover from surgeries and medical complications.
Taylor Lowe, receiving intensive treatments, and for Dennis and Emily as they care for him.
Eric Truschke and Garrett Le as they embark on their senior trip to Montana.
Cindy Morgan, healing from the cumulative impact of treatments.
Phyllis Kreiner, mother of Leslie Kreiner, continues to recover from pneumonia.
Stan Yin, Lydia Folkert’s father, recovering from open heart surgery.
Walter Glass, recovering well from a mild stroke.
Nancy Pippin, for health and healing.
– Newly engaged Joel Foster and Claire Hutchinson as they prepare to go to Japan for mission work.
Rob Terrell, for healing from cumulative impact of chemo. Prayers for finances and housing options.
Peter Thompson, for continued good reports and healing.
Ann Warford, for health and healing.
Bernice Evans James, Bernie’s mother.
Sammy Maiorca, Steve’s father.
Tom McGinley, Patty Atkisson’s brother & Diana Maiorca’s stepdad.
-Missionaries: Mindi and Dereje Aleme (Ethiopia & Kenya), Joseph Dzamesi (Ghana), Igor Egirev (Russia); and the mission organizations we support: Let’s Start Talking (worldwide), Made in the Streets (Kenya), and Predisan (Honduras).

Upcoming Events
-July 27: YA Hollywood Sign Hike & Pinks Hot Dogs
-July 28-August 3: Kings Kamp
-July 28: Worship in Elkins with CrossWays students
-July 28: Teller Emmer preaching
-August 11: Back in Elkins for worship. HRL staff joins us for worship!
-August 25: Dessert reception following worship
-September 15: All church luncheon/potluck

Attendance & Contribution
Attendance (July 14): 111
Contribution (July 14): $6,193
Weekly Need: $7,904
Weekly Average (YTD): $7,007

Servant Leaders
Please contact an individual leader if you are interested in serving on her or his respective team. If you need contact information, please email church@pepperdine.edu:

Servant leaders related to our Sunday gatherings:
Acappella Music: Scott Reynolds
Adult Education: Dave Lemley & Robby Schaffer
Hospitality: Greg Warwar
Technology: Randy Coppinger
Worship Coordinator: Shannon Warwar

Servant leaders related to our family life:
Benevolence: Amy & Chris Doran; Katy & Peter Thompson
Families: Brad & Liz Mancuso
Finance: Paul Jones and Kate Warner
Life Together: Steve Rouse & Kanet Thomas
Men’s & Women’s: (open) & (open)
Missions: Susan Giboney
Prayer: Kari Coppinger
Seniors: David Baird
Young Adults: Beverly Cawyer

Sunday Morning Bible Classes
Summer Adult Class in Stauffer Chapel at 9AM facilitated by Dave Lemley and Robby Schaffer.

– Youth group: “Living in the Kosmos – An Exploration of Order and Chaos”

– Children’s classes: Lessons from Acts
* Cradle roll: Emily & Jason Jarvis (Plaza 191)
* Preschool: Kari Coppinger & Jenny Parmelee (Plaza 190)
* K-5th grades: Corinne Le (Plaza 189)

UCC Contact Information / Social Media:
– Website: http://www.uccmalibu.com
– Blog: uccfamilynews.wordpress.com
– Email: church@pepperdine.edu
– Instagram: @UCCMalibu
–Podcast: https://uccmalibu.podbean.com
– Facebook Page: University Church of Christ (Malibu)
– Phone Number: 310.506.4504