Housing Needed; Youth Group Family Devo; All-Church Super Bowl Party; Wedding Shower Brunch (UCC Family News, 1-24-19)

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An awesome shot of our congregation in Stauffer Chapel!

Housing Needed
Rob Terrell needs a guest house for a week or two to rent. Please contact him at rct5555@msn.com if you have any possibilities or questions!

BE-ing Series for Children
Our youth ministry team is on the third week of our BE-ing Series, a four-week series for children during the Sunday evening service. The name of this series is derived from Joshua 1:9: BE courageous, BE strong, do not BE afraid, do not BE discouraged.  Children will spend the first 45 min with our teens and YM team while parents are at the 5pm service, then join back in the worship service for communion time and the last 15 minutes of worship. Nursery will be provided for children younger than kindergarten. For details or questions, contact dusty.breeding@pepperdine.edu.

Youth Group Family Devo
Mark your calendars for Sunday night, January 27, for the next Family Devo at the Breeding’s home. As a reminder, all youth group families are invited! Siblings, parents, grandparents, pets! Ok…no pets, but all other human family members. 6:30-8pm.

All-Church Super Bowl Party
It doesn’t matter which of the following you are looking forward to: cheering for the Rams, cheering for the Patriots, watching expensive commercials, eating Lee’s slow-roasted pork, taking beaded necklaces from people who aren’t paying attention to what they say, watching Gladys Knight and Maroon 5 perform, and/or enjoying time fellowship with friends from Church. Join us for our annual Super Bowl party at the Morgans’ house (1708 Shady Brook Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA) on Sunday, Feb. 3rd at 3:00 p.m. Please bring a snack to share—pulled pork sandwiches and drinks will be provided. An intergenerational flag football game in the Morgans’ driveway will precede the big game. Show up at 1:30 if you’d like to play!

Wedding Shower Brunch
The wedding shower brunch for Shelby Warwar Emmer will be at 10:00am on Saturday, March 2 at the home of Patty Atkisson.  Donations for the money tree may be given to Patty Atkisson.  Ladies please join us to celebrate Shelby and hear about the highlights of the wedding.

Prayer Ministry
If you would like to request prayer specifically from the prayer ministry team, please contact Kari at kari_coppinger@yahoo.com or talk to her at church. There will be a short meeting at the front of the auditorium after morning worship January 27, with anyone who is interested in joining this team. Email Kari if you are interested and can’t attend. Finally, let’s join together in this prayer. Stop what you’re doing for 30 seconds and truly pray this. Praise God for some specific way he has empowered you in the past or pray for someone with whom you want to share the good news of Jesus.

-Search for a Family Life Minister.
-Blake Mastalerz, for recovery after fracturing his back and breaking his foot in a climbing accident.
-Nancy Pippin, for health and healing.
-Rob Terrell, for health and healing.
-Peter Thompson, for health and healing.
-Kimberly Hebert Gregory, for health and healing.
-Ann Warford, for health and healing.
-Sue Griffin, Brad’s mother.
-Bernice Evans James, Bernie’s mother.
-Sammy Maiorca, Steve’s father.
-Leonard Markiewicz, Reagan Brewster’s friend.
-Missionaries: Mindi and Dereje Aleme (Ethiopia & Kenya), Joseph Dzamesi (Ghana), Igor Egirev (Russia); and the mission organizations we support: Let’s Start Talking (worldwide), Made in the Streets (Kenya), and Predisan (Honduras).

 Upcoming Events:
-January 24: Kids Club
-January 24: The Well
-January 27: Youth Group Family Devo (at Dusty & Cecily’s home)
-February 3: All-Church Super Bowl Party
-February 10: Won by One leads songs in morning worship
-February 10: Seniors Ministry Lunch & Discussion
-February 24: Message by John Barton
-March 2: Shelby Warwar Emmer’s Wedding Shower Brunch
-March 15-17: Youth Group Winter Retreat at Big Bear
-March 24: Missions Sunday
-March 31: Message by Kindy De Long
-April 14: All-Church Pancake Breakfast & Honoring Graduates
-April 21: Easter Sunday

Attendance (January 20): 173 (am) and 55 (pm)
Contribution (January 20): $6,458.15
Weekly Need: $7,903.85
Weekly Average (YTD): $6,347.27

Servant Leaders (2018-2019)
Please contact an individual leader if you are interested in serving on her or his respective team. If you need contact information, please email church@pepperdine.edu:

 Servant leaders related to our Sunday gatherings:
Acappella Music: Scott Reynolds
Adult Education: Dave Lemley & Robby Schaffer
Hospitality: Greg Warwar
Technology: Randy Coppinger
Worship Coordinator: Shannon Warwar
Worship Design: Sara Barton & Eric Wilson

Servant leaders related to our family life:
Benevolence: Amy & Chris Doran; Katy & Peter Thompson
Families: Brad & Liz Mancuso
Finance: Paul Jones
Life Together: Steve Rouse & Kanet Thomas
Men’s & Women’s: Lee Morgan & Jenny Parmelee
Missions: Susan Giboney (interim)
Prayer: Kari Coppinger
Seniors: David Baird
Young Adults: Phill DuVentre

Sunday Morning Bible Classes
Bible classes are offered for all ages at 9am every Sunday morning!

Adult classes:
* Fruit of the Spirit: Dave Lemley & Robby Schaffer (Appleby 270)
* Philippians: John Wilson (Appleby 280)
* Preparing for Marriage: Susan Giboney (Church Office)

Youth group: Living in the Kosmos – An Exploration of Order and Chaos
* Dusty Breeding & YM team (Cafeteria)

Children’s classes: Lessons from Luke
* Cradle roll: Emily & Jason Jarvis (Plaza 191)
* Preschool: Jody Sturgeon & Marcus Reaves (Plaza 190)
* K-3rd grades: Rick Cupp & Al Sturgeon (Plaza 189)
* 4th-5th grades: Corinne Le (Plaza 188)

 UCC Contact Information / Social Media:
– Website: http://www.uccmalibu.com
– Blog: uccfamilynews.wordpress.com
– Email: church@pepperdine.edu
– Instagram: @UCCMalibu
– Facebook Page: University Church of Christ (Malibu)
– Phone Number: 310.506.4504