Important Update for Sunday; A Note from MITS; CM Babysitting Night; Prayer Updates (UCC Family News, 11-29-18)

A great photo by Laura Fehlbaum from our morning service in Stauffer Chapel last Sunday.

Important Update for Sunday (December 2)
We will return to our normal class and worship schedule this Sunday, December 2. The adult class will be taught in the Kresge Reading Room of Payson Library by Dave Lemley at 9am. Morning worship will be in Elkins at 10:15am, and Al, Eric, and Sara will co-preach a sermon titled, “God With Us” (Isaiah 43: 1-2), that will conclude the fall semester “Living Hope” series and lead us into the Advent season. Evening worship will be a special worship music night (with no sermon) led by Joshua Altrock in Stauffer Chapel at 5pm.

A Note from MITS
Greetings in Christ Jesus from Nairobi. The recent happenings in Malibu concerning the fires and the shootings down in Thousand Oaks have been very saddening and heartbreaking both to us and am sure to you too. We do not have answers and neither do we understand why they happened, but we wanted you and our church family there to know that the MITS family prayed during chapel and team meetings for our God to comfort you and encourage you as it was all happening and at the same time as you rise from this tragedies. God teaches us that we are all members of the same body and if one part hurts, the whole body hurts. As you all gather strength and trust in him, we are with you and will lift you more and more to our God because he can do more than we can ask. We love you and we know God loves you too. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Blessings, Francis Mbuvi.

Malibu Recovery Greeters Needed
Please contact if you are willing to serve as a greeter at the Malibu Recovery Center (down by the Malibu Library).

CM Babysitting Night on December 1 
Calling all parents!!! The UCC service team is offering a free babysitting night this Saturday Night (December 1) in the Plaza Classrooms from 5-9 pm. Snacks will be provided but please make sure your child eats before or brings dinner with them! RSVP by texting Jessie Mandel at 678-665-5942. We look forward to seeing you there.

Financial Contributions
With so many of our church family scattered over the last few weeks, please remember the financial needs of our church family, including the obvious importance of contributions to our benevolence fund. To donate specifically to fire relief, please earmark that on your contributions. Contact Linn Griffin with any questions about how to get your contributions in.

Prayers for Mary Miller
Mary Miller recently fell and broke her leg. Please keep Mary and the Millers in your prayers. Mary would enjoy receiving cards. Please contact Linn Griffin for her address.

Prayers for Paul Caron
Paul recently had eye surgery for detached retinas in both eyes. Please keep Paul in your prayers as he recovers. If you can help out by relieving Courtney of one of her daily dog walks while she cares for Paul, please contact Courtney directly.

– Search for a Family Life Minister
-The family of Lou Archer as they grieve her loss.
-The family of Alaina Housley and all impacted by the shooting in Thousand Oaks.
-CM Interns: Conrad Parker, Thea Riley, and Emily Sabino, and all impacted by the wildfires.
-Peter Thompson & family, for strength and healing.
-Rob Terrell, for strength and healing.
-Paul Caron, for recovery from double eye surgery.
-Ann Warford, facing health challenges.
-Kimberly Hebert Gregory, praise for a cancer-free report!!
-Sue Griffin, Brad Griffin’s mother, whose cancer has returned.
-Bernice Evans James, Bernie James’s mother.
-Sammy Maiorca, Steve’s father, who is living with ALS.
-Leonard Markiewicz, diagnosed with stage 3 cancer (friend of Reagan Brewster)
-Mary Miller, who recently fell and broke her leg.
-Missionaries: Mindi and Dereje Aleme (Ethiopia & Kenya), Joseph Dzamesi (Ghana), Igor Egirev (Russia); and the mission organizations we support: Let’s Start Talking (worldwide), Made in the Streets (Kenya), and Predisan (Honduras).

Upcoming Events:
-November 30: Youth Group LA Auto Show Adventure
-December 1: CM Babysitting Night
-December 2: Shelby Warwar and Teller Emmer’s Wedding
-December 6: Last Kids Club for the fall semester
-December 9: Seniors Ministry Lunch & Discussion
-December 9: Last Evening Worship for the fall semester
-December 11: Young Adult Christmas Party
-December 15: Christmas Run (Santa Monica/Venice)
-December 16: Last Sunday Classes for the fall semester
-December 16: All-Church Christmas Party

Attendance (November 25): 180
Contribution (November 25): $8,698.70
Weekly Need: $8,231.76
Weekly Average (YTD): $7,306.31

Fall Semester Bible Classes for All Ages
-Adult class (Kresge Reading Room of the Payson Library)
-Youth group will continue the Survey of the Old Testament at Dusty’s condo (24358 Baxter Dr)
-Our children’s classes will study the Old Testament prophets:
* Cradle roll: Emily & Jason Jarvis (Plaza 191)
* Preschool: Rachel Jolly (Plaza 190)
* K-3rd grades: Julia Held (Plaza 189)
* 4th-5th grades: Corinne Le (Plaza 188)

Servant Leaders (2018-2019)
Please contact an individual leader if you are interested in serving on her or his respective team. If you need contact information, please email

Servant leaders related to our Sunday gatherings:
Acappella Music: Scott Reynolds
Adult Education: Dave Lemley & Robby Schaffer
Hospitality: Greg Warwar
Technology: Randy Coppinger
Worship Coordinator: Shannon Warwar
Worship Design: Sara Barton & Eric Wilson

Servant leaders related to our family life:
Benevolence: Amy & Chris Doran; Katy & Peter Thompson
Families: Brad & Liz Mancuso
Finance: Paul Jones
Life Together: Steve Rouse & Kanet Thomas
Men’s & Women’s: Lee Morgan & Jenny Parmelee
Missions: Susan Giboney (interim)
Prayer: Kari Coppinger
Seniors: David Baird
Young Adults: Phill DuVentre

UCC Contact Information / Social Media:
– Website:
– Blog:
– Email:
– Instagram: @UCCMalibu
– Facebook Page: University Church of Christ (Malibu)
– Phone Number: 310.506.4504