Missions Contribution Update; CM Formal; Women’s Fellowship Event; Kids Club Year-End Extravaganza; Humans of UCC (UCC Family News, 3-29-18)

susan house group
Susan Giboney’s house group made homemade ice cream this week. We love house groups!

Missions Contribution Update from David and Pat Dowdey
Thanks to the children for their contribution to the missions fund! It put the total collection over the $24,000 mark—$24,048.68. We are, however, still about $7,000 short of last year’s contribution. We encourage all who have not contributed to think seriously and prayerfully about making a contribution. We also gladly accept pledges.

Campus Ministry Formal
All our welcome to the Campus Ministry formal on Saturday, March 31 at 7 PM in the Sandbar. We would love to see all of you there!

Women’s Fellowship Event
The ladies of the church are invited to attend a tea party to be hosted at the Warwars’ house on Saturday, April 7th, at 11am (ages 6 and up are welcome). If you are planning to attend the event, please fill out this short survey by March 23rd.

Kids Club Year-End Extravaganza!
On Sunday, April 15, all children and their parents are invited to a year-end Kids Club celebration following our morning worship assembly including lunch, cake, activities, and a special video!

All-Church Camping Trip
Save the date for our second annual all-church camping trip: May 25-27th at the Ventura Ranch KOA in Santa Paula, CA.

Opening for Teaching Children’s Classes!
We especially need teachers for this summer! It has been a great year having teachers rotate in our children’s classes each semester, and it is time to map out teachers for the next year (summer, fall, and spring). We have four classes for different age groups (cradle roll; preschool; early elementary; and older elementary), and the topics will be Old Testament Kings (summer); Old Testament Prophets (fall); and New Testament Heroes (spring). Please contact Corinne Le or Al Sturgeon ASAP if you are interested in lead teaching, co-teaching, or assisting in any of the four classes in any of the three times of year!

Calling all Praise Team Prospects
Scott Reynolds is looking to form a regular worship team composed of five members of our church family – hopefully a diverse mix of members as well as students. If you are interested in being part of the worship team, please see Scott, Al, an elder, or a church staff member and give them your information by Easter Sunday, April 1, so that selections may be announced before Seaver students leave in late April. You can contact Scott by phone: 310-266-0835 or email: srdriven@gmail.com.

Prayer Ministry Monthly Challenge
Take the monthly prayer ministry challenge and write the Lord’s Prayer in your own words/with some examples pertinent to your life.

Foster Youth Fundraiser – HOPE4Kids Festival & Run
The HOPE4Kids Festival & Run will be April 28 in Thousand Oaks. Funds raised benefit foster youth and families. Register to run/walk or volunteer at http://www.raisinghope.org/hope4kids and join the University Church of Christ team or just come to the free festival. If you can’t come, you may register as a virtual runner (run/walk on your own time) and you’ll get a swag bag, T-shirt, and medal. Or consider supporting the event by helping us fill our silent auction baskets. See ideas or purchase items at http://a.co/5nkrBW7. Contact kari_coppinger@yahoo.com with questions.

-Jose Roman, Nancy Shatzer’s son-in-law (awaiting test results)
-Bernice Evans James, Bernie James’s mother (in serious condition in the hospital)
-Beverly Dungan, Brad Griffin’s aunt
-Cres San Jose, for healing from Stage 4 lung cancer (contact: Brad Griffin)
-Falon & Nate Barton, preparing to move to Uganda.
-Sammy Maiorca, Steve’s father, who is living with ALS.
– Rob Terrell, for healing from cancer.
-The Mancuso family, expecting their second child!
-Missionaries: Mindi and Dereje Aleme (Ethiopia), Joseph Dzamesi (Ghana), Igor Egirev (Russia); and the mission organizations we support: Let’s Start Talking (worldwide), Made in the Streets (Kenya), and Predisan (Honduras).

The Week Ahead:
-March 29: Kids Club (4pm)
-March 29: The Well (8pm)
-April 1: Easter Egg Hunt & Easter Sunday

Upcoming Events:
-April 7: Women’s Tea at the Warwars
-April 8: Servant Leaders Meeting
-April 8: Seniors Ministry Lunch & Discussion
-April 8: Final Senior Sunday Dinner
-April 15: Kids Club Year-End Extravaganza!
-April 21: Young Adult International Food Night
-April 22: All-Church Pancake Breakfast
-April 28: HOPE4Kids Festival & Run
-April 29: Summer Bible classes begin
-May 1-4: Harbor: The Pepperdine Bible Lectures
-May 20: Summer in Stauffer begins
-May 25-27: All-Church Camping Trip
-June 3: Youth Group Summer Parent Meeting

Attendance (March 25): 227
Contribution (March 25): $5,459.00
Weekly Need: $8,231.76
Weekly Average (YTD): $6,781.61

UCC Contact Information / Social Media:
– Blog: uccfamilynews.wordpress.com
– Email: church@pepperdine.edu
– Instagram: @UCCMalibu
– Facebook Page: University Church of Christ (Malibu)
– Phone Number: 310.506.4504
– Website: universitychurchofchrist.us

Servant Leaders (2017-2018)
Please contact an individual leader if you are interested in serving on her or his respective team. If you need contact information, please email church@pepperdine.edu:
1. Adult Education: Dave Lemley & Robby Schaffer
2. Benevolence/Service: Katy & Peter Thompson
3. Finance: Chris Bauman
4. Hospitality: Brad & Liz Mancuso
5. Life Together: Brad & Linn Griffin; Stacy & Steve Rouse
6. Men’s Ministry: Lee Morgan
7. Missions: David & Pat Dowdey
8. Prayer: Kari Coppinger
9. Tech Ministry: Randy Coppinger
10. Women’s Ministry: Jenny Parmelee
11. Worship Coordination: Shannon Warwar
12. Worship Design: Eric Wilson

Spring 2018 Sunday Morning Bible Class Lineup (Sundays @ 9am)
– Cradle Roll: Linda Truschke & Angie Lemley (PC 191)
– Toddlers/Preschool: Jody Sturgeon & Morgan Clinton (PC 190)
– K-3rd grade: Rick Cupp & Al Sturgeon (PC 189)
– 4th-5th grades: Dusty Breeding & Jesse Morgan (PC 188)
– 6th-12th grades: Joel Foster & Emily Sabino (24358 Baxter Drive)
– Adults (college & up):
* Koinonia Class (AC 290) with Ann & Greg Skipper
* The Remarkable Testimony of a Mysterious Witness: The Gospel of John (AC 270) with John Wilson & Randy Chesnutt
* Preparing for Marriage with Susan Giboney (UCC Church Office)

Humans of UCC // Meet Conrad Parker!

1. What makes you excited about our church?
I am excited about developing relationships with individuals who I might not cross paths with otherwise because I usually am able to learn more and develop from relationships with people who aren’t extremely similar to me.

2. What is one thing you want everyone to know about you?
It sounds super cliché, but I really like most things outdoors! Whether it’s mountain biking, climbing, spearfishing, surfing, or hiking—I’m always looking for a new adventure.

3. If you could pack a bag right now and go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I’ve got two places in my mind that I would want to visit right now. The first is super simple, but I really want to have the time to visit and explore Utah. The desert’s crazy rock formations and super unique landscape sound absolutely stunning and it seems like an adventurer’s playground. The second place I would love to visit is Patagonia, between Chile and Argentina. Everything about Patagonia seems like an adventure and it has some of the most gorgeous granite peaks in the world.

4. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
This has been a question I have been trying to figure out for myself for a while, but my most recent plan is to be out of graduate school, teaching for a university in 10 years. Part of me would love nothing more than to come back to Pepperdine as a professor but I know there are also great opportunities all over the place so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out!

5. Finally, how have you seen Jesus most in your past few years at Pepperdine?
Jesus seems like he has been in every part of my Pepperdine experience. It was crazy circumstances that led me to Pepperdine from the school I transferred from and while I’ve been here, I have just been amazed at how consistent God feels in my life through my friends, faculty members, and God’s incredible creation.