Summer Sermon/Worship Series

A Season of Rest, Renewal, and Revival

Our theme for our summer gatherings will be “A Season of Rest, Renewal, and Revival.” In our individual lives we experience a daily cycle of rest, awakening, and activity. In the academic world professors are sometimes granted sabbatical leaves, and in all lines of work we recognize the need of times for rest and renewal. In the same way in our individual Christian lives and in our life together as a church periodically we need times of rest for the sake of renewal and reorientation that revives our energy for the good work God calls us to do.

This summer the elders are calling the church into a season of Sabbath in which (1) we learn to rest in the goodness of God. It will be a time of rejoicing in God’s grace and mercy.  We will listen to messages that focus our attention on the peace of God, and we will engage in practices that allow us to express our faith in God’s forgiveness and loving care. (2) Of course rest is not an end in itself. We rest for the sake of renewal. In this time we will seek the life-giving healing and power of the Holy Spirit. We will hear scripture readings, engage in times of communal prayer and sharing, and listen to messages designed to heal and strengthen our souls and renew our hope in the future that God will bring. (3) Rest and renewal find their fulfillment in revival, in a fresh outpouring of energy for service in God’s kingdom. We will focus on messages and practices that stir us to acts of love for one another and others. We will encourage each other to take advantage of the opportunities God gives us to encourage the discouraged, heal the broken hearted, bind up the wounded, and preach good news to the poor.

Some Sundays we will hear a speaker deliver a message and on others our services will focus entirely on the Lord’s Supper or prayer or telling our stories or healing. But each Sunday will contribute something to our overall theme of “A Season of Rest, Renewal, and Revival.” We invite you to be praying that this series of gatherings will indeed help us rest in God, find renewal in the Holy Spirit, and inspire us to become more energetic disciples of Jesus.

-Ron Highfield, on behalf of our elders

First Five Weeks: Resting in God

  • May 8 — “A Season of Rest, Renewal, and Revival” — Ron Highfield introduces the series and examines the concepts of rest, renewal and revival
  • May 15 — “Resting at the Table of the Lord” — Stuart and D’Esta Love lead the church in an extended meditation on Jesus and his sacrifice, with special focus on the Lord’s Supper.
  • May 22 — “The Sabbath Life Style” — Danny Mathews draws us into the joyful message of the Sabbath Old Testament.
  • May 29 — “Jesus Gives Rest, ” Matthew 11:28-30 — Ron Cox speaks about the burdens Jesus lifts and the rest he gives. This message examines Jesus’ interpretation of the Sabbath. Jesus criticizes the burdensome religion imposed on the people by the Pharisees. His “religion” is joyful, liberating and humanizing.
  • June 5 — “Rest for your Souls” — John Wilson will lead the church in a series of meditations on the rest and peace of God in some of the church’s great hymns.